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I got to do this!?

So I dated this girl nearly 8 years for around 9 months and we broke up after that because she was very rude and selfish. After that we dint keep in touch went on with our lives she tried to get in touch me but I ignored her. Now its been 8 years I realised I still have feelings for her. I had a list of pro's and con's like everybody does(I hope)

CONS: She is not attractive, she is short, she has small breast, she has been losing her hair really fast, she was very selfish, she is not not at all emotional where as I am very emotional and she doesn't live in the same city.   PROS: She is a doctor, I have a good relationship with her family, Her brother is a good friend of mine,  We know almost everything about each other and dated 3 times in the past. I don't understand my feelings towards her. Whenever I see her social profile I'm just smiling and thinking about the time we spent together but with that I also think of the horrible things she has done. I hate her but also I'm mad about her. I want to be with her but also I don't want to be with her. What is this feeling. Is this love or am I confusing this with something else!

Also after ages I added her to my friends list on Instagram so that I could see what she was up to and maybe text her. Is it a good idea? Plus I have no idea what should I tell her. Should I just be straight forward in talking about my feelings which I m confused about. How do I go from here? 

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    Your Pros and Cons list are crap.

    Most of that stuff doesn't matter.  Hell, guys like me dig short women with small breasts. 

    The only things that mattered that you mentioned were she is rude and selfish, but you are still drawn to her. 

    Is whatever that draws you towards her enough to overcome her rudeness and selfishness?  I'm guessing no.  Otherwise you wouldn't have broken up with her.

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