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What does the way you speak mean?

I have joined a club for speaking in college where they help students inculcate their public speaking skills and get rid of their stage fear. I made a few friends there who i hang out with. These friends tell me that the way i speak is "weird". The way i walk from one end to the platform and the my body language are all weird due to which the audience makes fun of me i am attracting bullies from all parts of the college. I mean i dont know if there is anything wrong with the way i speak. I am afraid to record myself due to my fear of finding myself weird on video. They constantly find the need to remind me that people make fun of me and the way i speak. Tbh i never felt that anyone in the audience was mocking me or laughing at the way i speak. I rather felt that they are attentively listening, being appreciative and enjoying my speech. I asked one teacher who is in charge of that club for feedback and if there is anything i can improve and the feedback i got was that the way i speak is fine and that there is nothing off about it and neither do people make fun of me for that and i shouldn’t sweat it. Well thats a positive thing to hear. I hope it was honest. My friends continue to stand their ground and say that the teacher was just to lieing avoid offending me and that i am weird and people do indeed make fun of me and they constantly hear people talk about me but just change the topic or give deflective answers but never tell me their names. You know where i am going right?


Many people here would say these are dicks not my friends but id want to know what makes dicks?

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    Go ahead and record yourself, it might be revealing. I think you may be making a mountain out of a molehill by taking what your "friends" say so seriously, and not believing your teacher. I think you might be involved with "Toastmasters", which is dedicated to helping people improve their public speaking skills and to develop poise in presenting and talking to others.  Its a good organization, worldwide, and has helped many people. 

    Keep going. Your friends may not be healthy choices to hang around with, if they keep putting you down. You probably need more self confidence, too, and your club activity should help ou with gaining some. Good wishes,

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    Seriously, no disrespect intended but how can you say you hope a Teacher that's in charge of that class would seriously lie to you. Based on your very basic description of anything remotely regarding if at all anything nice was actually said about you as a person or even once a positive about your efforts! This should inform you that they're the ones doing badly by all accounts, or that they're just plain nasty pieces of work looking to take down someone by bullying them for their own self-gratification as clearly they feel threatened by you. Whatever the case stop being so clueless and ditch them before it seriously affects your mental health and confidence.

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