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i’m 16 and my doctor prescribes me paroextine, is that ok?

i’ve been suffering with panic attacks and really bad physical anxiety symptoms 24/7 for the past few weeks, not being able to eat or sleep due to racing heart, nausea etc. talked to the doctors about it and they prescribed me Paroextine, and she did mention that its not tested with 16 year olds? so i did some research and apparently its unsafe for my age. will i be okay because they prescribed me it?

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    2 months ago

    I wouldn't take it. It's linked to teen suicide and violence and coming off it can be so horrific that some people take years to slowly come off it and others end up commiting suicide. I had to miss several doses of it when I developed severe food poisoning and couldn't keep anything down. I ended up detained in hospital against my will suffering from severe psychosis. There are much safer options such as fluoxetine, which has been tested on adolescents, and sertraline. I now take propranolol 4 times a day for anxiety caused by PTSD and it really helps with the physical symptoms. If you're here in the UK you can buy Phenergan over the counter to help you sleep.

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