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Are Germans still racist?

What happen to all the racist Germans that were around during Hitler's time when he fell? Did they teach their children to be racist?

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    You're confusing racism with antisemitism. It was antisemitism that Hitler is hated for. To be more specific, he had issues with those of non-German alliances. It wasn't for racial issues, it was because Germany had been so damaged by the Versailles Treaty and the subsequent 14 years under the Weimar Republic that the German culture was nearly destroyed out of existence.

    The Jews controlled Germany's social and economic spheres and were responsible for Germany losing WW1 ("Zionists", actually, but for most of the world the references are commonly interchangeable).

    When Hitler became Chancellor, he set out to bring Germany and its people back together again - a move that was opposed by not just the Zionists, but by the entire group of countries that would comprise the Allies.

    The Versailles Treaty was designed to keep Germany oppressed for the next 100 years (they only finished paying off the reparations in 2010) - Germany was to remain a puppet state.

    The Versailles Treaty was illegal under international law which gave every country the right of self-determination. Germany was denied this right. They were forced into accepting the War Guilt Clause by Britain's illegal blockades ("blockades" themselves aren't illegal - they become illegal when they overstep the rules. Blockades can prevent another country from acquiring armaments and other related military supplies, but they can't block a country's basic survival needs, and Germany was being starved into submission).

    When Hitler came to power, he had to virtually strip away any and all influences that were not supportive of the German culture to give his people a solid foundation on which to rebuild their lives.

    Thus, it wasn't about racism or antisemitism. Antisemitism was being practiced in almost every country - the Soviet Union had murdered over 20 million of its own people with a large percentage of them being Jews (where is the uproar over that?).

    As for "exterminations" and "gas chambers", there were none. That is the common narrative promoted by Zionism and supported by Zionist minions.

    Germany was railroaded at the Nuremberg Trials with no way to offer a defense of any kind - no one ever gets a fair trial when prosecuted by their enemies. And as it is commonly quoted, "the winners of wars get to write the history", the story of the Holocaust and Germany's "crimes against humanity" has been forever recorded in the history books - with no documented facts. Their guilt was determined by accusation and the power of suggestion that played the sympathy card over and over.

    The fact that the Allies actually committed crimes against humanity (this is documented) with its terror bombing of German cities and the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki but were never tried strongly suggests that the truth is being hidden.

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    They were always more parochial than racist, and anti-semitic. Even in the 1960s it was more likely the British who were anti-German, than the other way around. The WW2 recovery was handled (in the West at least) in a far more intelligent way than happened after the Great War, with its flawed Treaty of Versailles and useless League of Nations.

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    The Soviets killed them or sent them to Siberia.... and Jews aren't a 'race.'

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    No doubt there are racists in Germany. Does that mean all Germans are racist? No

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