What does it mean to dream about a specific situation?

This dream starts off with me standing in a hallway that had the lights on. It looked like a regular, office hallway with doors. Someone covered my eyes with their hands and guided me somewhere. The person uncovered my eyes. I found myself in a room with white couches, and it looked like a slightly abandoned dressing room. The lights in that room was off, but the hallway lights were on. So, I could tell there were white couches. I saw 7 men, resting with their eyes closed. I recognized them, and they were BTS. I saw Jungkook open his eyes and smile to me. Suddenly, I felt myself being hit with pillows by the other members. Then, all 8 of us had a pillow fight. I remember feeling happy and joyful, a feeling I wished I felt in reality. It was as if we were long-time friends. That connection felt so weird, so real, but also comforting and euphoric. I wonder what this dream meant. After that dream, I only had another dream that included BTS a month after, which was actually last night. But I don’t remember it.

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  • 2 months ago

    So your dream showed you in a pillow fight with this Korean based band.  That must have made you feel happy!  It was a dream come true.  Because of this dream you will keep them as friends as you go through Life.  You will always look back on this dream, as if it happened in reality.  I had something similar happen to me when I was much younger minus the pillow fight.  I actually got past  the guards and backstage and into the dressing room with the most popular band of the age.  A cop was hanging onto me just to make sure I survived the experienced.  So I do relate to your dream, very much.  And dreams do come true. 

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