Why do trans hate on word transgenderism?

By calling it's non word made up by religious people but trans use made up non word cisgender that they steal from DR who never mean that to be use in everyday cisgender is non word and there no such thing. And. They don't like transgenderism too bad I don't like cisgender so I'm going to force transgenderism. On you like you force your cisgender BS on us


Again I didn't say they did but they non word from DR

Update 2:

No now on I'm calling to call you transgenderism because you force that non word cis on us

Update 3:

Because there no cisgender . going by your real Gender aka BIOLOGICAL Gender you don't need label for that so transgenderism is what I call you

Update 4:

CISGENDER have nothing to do with us Normal people We. Don't need label for not being trans 

Update 5:

Then transgenderism don't want to hear me say transgenderism then don't go to my questions

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Yes but transgenderism is transcult

    They don't live in real world

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Because "ISM"'s (a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.) HAS NOTHING TO DO with a transgender INDIVIDUAL living THEIR life as THEY see fit.

    Why do you hate cisgenderism so much?

    Transgender has a totally different meaning than transgenderism.

    Cisgender has a totally different meaning than cisgenderism.

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