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What settings do I use on a Sony RX100 Mk1 for shaky action videos?

The camera is an old Mk I. For video, there are settings for automatic shooting, aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual. I used it on auto and mounted it to my motorcycle. The video came out clear in stable conditions, but as the vibrations came in from the engine, the video began becoming very shaky and blurry. I don't have enough money to buy an action camera just yet. I will in a few months but would like to know if I could still use the RX100, because the quality is so good when its not shaking.


I forgot to mention that steadyshot was active

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  • Sumi
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    The blur in the image you posted is called camera shake.  Camera shake most commonly occurs when the shutter speed is too slow when the user is hand holding the camera.

    Therefore to create camera shake simply lengthen your shutter speed and turn off image stabilization.  Your camera could be set to auto ISO.  If so, turn it off and set the ISO to something low like ISO 100.  If you do not and your camera is either already set to a high ISO or it's set to auto ISO (where the camera uses an ISO in order to increase the shutter speed in an effort to avoid camera shake) then you will have a hard time creating this blurred effect.

  • Newton
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    2 months ago

    You can try putting a piece of foam rubber between the camera and the mounting surface. 

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