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Are the chances of getting the coronavirus about like the chances of getting a flu just the coronavirus is more deadly if one does get it?

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    No. Coronavirus has a higher R0 than the flu. The flu has an R0 of 1.3 meaning that for every 100 infected person, they can infect 130 people. Coronavirus is about 2.0 so for every 100 infected people, 200 people can get infected. Measles is at 16, so 100 people can infect 1600 people. These numbers assume that there’s no vaccine and no distancing. 

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    The research i have seen is that it's harder to get covid-19 than the flu.

    With the flu people are contagious an average of 2 days before they start to feel sick.  When you feel sick, you stop doing a lot of regular activities, so the spread is less.

    With covid, most people don't feel sick for 5 days, this means you out doing things and able to get other people, instead of staying at home because you are sick.

    - thus, it's harder to pass on the virus but more people get it because there is more time to get it.

    Both the flu and covid have about 1/3rd the people who are asymptomatic.

    Covid-19 is "more" deadly because the treatment cocktails have not been fully figured out.  And the death rate is significantly reducing.  This is because younger healthier people are getting the disease instead of an older population and treatment is better.

    The death rate for covid between Jan-June 2020 in the US was 5.8% of infected people

    From July-August it has dropped to 1.8% of infected people

    And from September to now it has dropped to 1.1% of infected people.

    Much much more people get the flu.  In 2017, about 64M Americans got the flu.

    This resulted in 810,000 hospitalizations and 70,000 deaths which is a death rate of 8.6% of hospitalized individuals.

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