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How much force is 186 billion joules?

Imagine a laser beam that was emitting 186 billion joules? 

What would the impact be like for a human? would it slice through you?

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    Morning fox has given you the correct answer but some idiot has given it a thumbs down.  You quote energy and neither power nor force.  The only way they are related is if you add in other information.  Time and mass for example.  There is no answer to the question as asked.

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    186 billion joules per million years is about 6 milliwatts. Not going to harm you, unless maybe it shines in your eyes.

    186 billion joules all in one second is 186 gigawatts. There is not going to be enough of a human left to identify. Probable just an expanding hot ball of steam. A typical bolt of lighting is only 1 billion joules.

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    I'm pretty sure Joule refers to energy not force.  186 billion joules would be enough to energize atoms in my body right out of the path of the beam without even absorbing a measurable proportion of the initial energy, that I can tell you, if it was a per second emission.  Probably every atom in my body could be converted into a vapor state without any measurable consumption of the energy in the beam if the energy was discharged in a few seconds or less only.  186 joules per second for a billion seconds, though (also 186 billion joules), isn't much to worry about. Get more energy per unit time from the sun by going outside in daytime.

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    'bout 4 or 5 pounds ................

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