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Asking her to hangout????

Hey guys,  my name is jordan and yesterday i asked this girl Sheila if she wanted to get dinner tonight.  She said she wants too but wasn’t sure because she had alot of stuff to do today.   

We went out on Sunday and everything was great

But how do i text her asking if she still wants to hangout today????? I dont wanna seem needy??? 

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    2 months ago

    Jordan, you wouldn't seem at all needy if you were to ask her to hang out with you again , sometime soon. HOWEVER ! We are in the midst of a very dangerous PANDEMIC!, YOU MUST HAVE KNOWN!  It is a terrible time to go anywhere to hang out or otherwise socialize, amidst others whom you don't know well. If you insist on doing it anyway, at least wear your masks, both of you!  And keep your social distance, the minimum being six feet!  Believe that you are not immune, nor is she, to coming down with covid, being hospitalized, or even risking death, although you are not in the most vulnerable age group.  Hang in there! Not out! Good luck, 

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    Just ask if she had a good time, and would like to hang out again, tell her you like her

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    2 months ago

    which locked down restaurant were you gonna take her to ?

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