How to improve my life? I am 42 and disabled due to mental illness and I don’t have a life, no children, no husband, no friends, I have only?

two family members I actually have a relationship with and they are elderly, I am able to assist them with some things like setting up thier electronics. I can’t work so no job, I rent a room, I am lucky enough to have a dog. I am bored and dissatisfied with life. I try to keep my mind active by reading, I also am trying to learn Spanish. I am wayyyyyy out of shape, I am 180 pounds overweight, I would like to fix that. I am so unhappy but I don’t know what to do!

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    you sound like a lovely soul, bless you, in this life there are no easy answers and life can be a real battle at times, its the same for me as a man and i'm your age too...when this lockdown is lifted why not attend your local church and see if you can help out ? you might just make some decent friends and enjoy doing something productive with your time, if not, i wish you well anyhow.

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