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Which Culture directly preceded and followed the Bell Beaker culture? And tell me about the Bell Beaker culture?

"The Bell Beaker culture (or, in short, Beaker culture) is an archaeological culture named after the inverted-bell beaker drinking vessel used at the very beginning of the European Bronze Age. Arising from around 2800 BC, it lasted in Britain until as late as 1800 BC[3][4] but in continental Europe only until 2300 BC, when it was succeeded by the Unetice culture. The culture was widely dispersed throughout Western Europe, from various regions in Iberia and spots facing northern Africa to the Danubian plains, the islands of Great Britain and Ireland, and also the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.".

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    All you had to do was read the link (hint: top right for summary)

    "Bell Beaker culture

    Beaker culture.png

    Distribution of the mature Bell Beaker culture[1]

    Geographical range Europe

    Period Chalcolithic Europe – Bronze Age Europe

    Dates c. 2800–1800 BC

    Major sites Castro of Zambujal

    Preceded by Corded Ware culture

    Followed by Nordic Bronze Age, Únětice culture, Atlantic Bronze Age, Elp culture, Hilversum culture[2]"

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