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Which culture directly preceded the Swiderian culture, and which culture followed the Swiderian culture? And what caused those Cultures?

"Swiderian culture, also published in English literature as Sviderian and Swederian, is the name of an Upper Palaeolithic/Mesolithic cultural complex, centred on the area of modern Poland. The type-site is Świdry Wielkie, in Otwock near the Swider River, a tributary to the Vistula River, in Masovia. The Swiderian is recognized as a distinctive culture that developed on the sand dunes left behind by the retreating glaciers. Rimantiene (1996) considered the relationship between Swiderian and Solutrean "outstanding, though also indirect", in contrast with the Bromme-Ahrensburg complex (Lyngby culture), for which she introduced the term "Baltic Magdalenian" for generalizing all other North European Late Paleolithic culture groups that have a common origin in Aurignacian.[1]".


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    "Swiderian culture

    Swiderian culture.jpg

    Geographical range Europe

    Period Mesolithic Europe

    Dates c. 11,000 – c. 8,200 BC[citation needed]

    Type site Świdry Wielkie

    Major sites Otwock

    Preceded by Ahrensburg culture

    Followed by Maglemosian culture, Kunda culture, Komornica culture"

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