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Super paranoid I exposed myself and daughter to COVID, is this possible ?

I was playing soccer with my daughter in our front yard. Our grass areas are connected with our neighbor. So we also played on their side, we always do. 

Anyway their window was open, and our closed it without saying anything. I assumed the noise. But she was wearing a mask.

Today I learned she has covid. 

Is it possible to get COVID by playing in their area of the yard seeing that their window was open ? We were at least six ft away from their window 

This might sound dumb but I’m very paranoid about covid and potential exposure is this cause for concern

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    2 months ago

    From everything I know it's extremely unlikely that you will catch covid from this.  There's a number of factors which were working in your favor.  First of all, you were more than six feet away.  We now know that it is possible for tiny particles to spread further than six feet, but this is mostly indoors and the threat seems mostly to be from larger particles which can only travel an average of six feet.  Second, you said your neighbor was wearing a mask.  This will cut down both on the distance that their breath can travel as well as the number of infectious particles which they will expel (some of them will be caught in the mask and thus be rendered harmless to you).  The final, big, thing which protects you here is that you're outdoors.  The evidence seems to show more and more that the virus is spread mostly indoors.  For example, there were very few increases in infections associated with the truly massive black lives matter protests earlier this year.  Despite events which sometimes involved tens of thousands of people, the fact that they were outdoors, as well as people wearing masks, limited the spread of the disease.  When you're outdoors, the wind, even very mild or tiny wind, will disperse the respiratory droplets in a way that renders them extremely unlikely to infect you (you need to take in a certain amount of virus in order to become infected, one particle alone won't do it, so dispersing the virus will make it much safer).  Being outdoors also degrades the virus by exposing it to the elements, particularly sunlight.  Direct sunlight can kill the virus on surfaces in as little as a few minutes. 

    Bottom line, I'd be incredibly surprised if you or your daughter were to get infected. 

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    2 months ago

    You need to get tested as well as the rest of your household just in case.  

  • Unlikely. You were keeping your distance from your neighbor and they were wearing a mask. You would have to have close contact, be less then 6 ft from your neighbor and not wearing a mask while you're around them, to have any risk of getting it. 

  • 2 months ago

    It's possible.

    But very unlikely.

    If you went grocery shopping this week, you were more likely to get covid at the store where everyone was wearing a mask, than the situation you describe with your neighbor.

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  • 2 months ago

    first of all, there is a period of 7-10 days of which a person can be infected with the virus and have not yet shown any symptoms.. it is more likely that she got the virus anytime 7-10 days ago.. but the good news is that children are least affected by the virus.. yes, some children develop Kawasaki-syndrome-like-symptoms from COVID-19, but it is super rare (winning a lottery type of rare events), and i kinda feel guilty for mentioning it but you deserve to know..

    back to your question.. yes and no.. the answer is better answered with probabilities.. from the scenario given, it is very very low probability that she got COVID-19 that way (winning a lottery type of rare events).. the probability would be higher if someone with COVID-19 had sneezed and then touched the soccer ball few minutes before your daughter did, or was in the same area where you guys had played few seconds earlier..

    if someone sneezes or coughs without a mask, the viral droplets can remain suspended in the air for about 3 minutes in a windless area, before the dry air and the heat kill those viral droplets.. viral droplets can survive a bit longer on porous surfaces away from the sun and heat for upto 2 hours if the temperatures were low enough and if the weather is humid enough - but realistically for few minutes under the sun.. the virus can survive on non-porous surfaces (the metal buttons of an elevator, the glass display-cases, the rail of escalators.. etc) for days - upto 7 days in optimum conditions but upto 1 day realistically.. if you daughter had came in contact with the virus in those ways and she brought it to her nose/face, then yes, it is far more possible., and this is why health officials often advise to wear a mask in public, to minimize touching your face and to wash hands more frequently.. 

    again, from playing soccer that day under the sun -- the probability is very very low ('winning the lottery' low).. but from contact with other people for the past 7-10 at the school, at the mall or at public toilets - now that's far more possible.. `


    but like i said, children perform better than adults under this pandemic.. the COVID-19 in children tends to heal faster with no to minimal symptoms; they rarely develop severe symptoms of COVID-19 like in adults like the Atypical pneumonia and deaths, and they tend to heal faster with no long term complications.. however, you two need to stay far from other family members, especially the elderly.. you can isolate yourself and your daughter in a closed room for 14 days, and seek medical help if the coughs are getting worse..

    you need to consult with your county/state/country health department on what to do next.. in my country, if you were tested positive using the nasal-swab test (aka the antigen test or the RT-PCR test), you may need to re-take the test again because unfortunately there are 2 types of nasal tests.. there is the cheaper version that has a higher false positive rate (more likely to test positive when you are really negative), and then there is the more expensive one that is far more accurate, may take few days to get the result and very hard to get hold into one.. and again, this is where you need to contact your local county/state/country public health department on what to do next..

    after 14 days of isolation, it would be safe to come out of that room IF YOU TWO do not have any symptoms of COVID-19.. (the term 'isolation' is used for positive infected people while the term 'quarantine' is used for suspected people with the illness - jfyi)




    and all the best..

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