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Amana washer stopped working after one year?

My Amana washer stopped working after 1 year... passed the warranty.  I paid $450 and felt almost like I was scammed.  I read the reviews and people were saying the same thing.  Right after the one year mark, it doesn't work anymore.  I chatted with a rep from Home Depot and he told me it will cost just as much as the washer to repair it and that I might as well buy a new one.  Ummm.. I just can't cough up that amount again so it can last another year.  These washing machines are garbage.  It's like it's made to break soon after purchase on purpose.  

The Amana turns on but doesn't wash.  Anyone have this problem?  How much do you think it costs to repair?


It's the 3.5 cu. ft. White Top Load Washing Machine

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    check craigslist and other local sources for a handyman with experience fixing these.  When someone retires from this line of work, they frequently want to do similar odd jobs to make a little cash on the side -- and they'll have the tools and expertise needed.  BTW, the HDepot guy lied through his teeth -- there's no way he can tell this over the phone -- problem might be as simple as the run/start capacitor for the motor needs to be replaced -- which is about a $20 part at most [plus labor].  -- grampa

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    My problem is the opposite. I buy cheap appliances and they last forever. And I want new ones. You just had bad luck.

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    Amana is Whirlpools bottom line offering, when I did a little stint selling appliances them things sold like Tacos on Tuesday. You should do a little Youtube surfing and you'll probably find the answer, then find a friend that's handy at repairing things

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    Its called planned obsolescence, and its especially common in cheap appliances. They make money by selling in volume, and they cant sell you a washing machine if you already have one, so they're designed to fail once they're out of the warranty period to get you to buy a new one. If its at all possible, you're better off paying 2 or 3 times as much up front for an appliance that will last 10 times as long. 

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