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Why don‘t people like me?

I really don‘t understand what I‘m doing wrong. I‘m a sophomore in highschool and I have absolutely no friends at my school. I have one friend from my old school and one who I met online. Those are the only people I talk to. 

This has happened for as long as I can remember. I had difficulty making friends since kindergarten. The group of „friends“ I did have in elementary school weren’t really friends, but just made fun of me. It’s better now, but people used to call me gross, ugly, fat, weird, and they‘d do anything to stay away from me. I really really tried being nice. People don’t really make fun of me anymore, they just stay away from me and don’t talk to me. 

Even my parents didn’t like me enough to take care of me. I know it wasn’t all my fault but they were neglectful of me and my brother. When I was 6 and he was 1, we moved in with my grandparents. They didn’t like us either. They hated me though, I couldn’t ever please them. Now we live with our uncle and aunt and two cousins. I’m the oldest. We’ve lived for them for about a year and I’m seeing signs that they’re starting to dislike me and I’m getting scared. Especially my aunt, she likes my other siblings but not me very much. I’m trying to be good, I’m being nice, I really really do my best. I promise. But it just doesn’t work.

Im scared I’m going to end up alone. I can’t handle that. It has to be something I’m doing wrong but I can’t figure it out. I don’t complain about these things much but I have to know. Thx.

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    I think a good deal of your problem isn't that you are truly "unlikeable", but that you were unfortunate enough to have been born into a family of problem people who have raised you to think so by how they treat you.  You can get through this, in high school, if you can find and keep at least one very good friend! Join a special interest club to find that person. Go out for a sport. Volunteer. Lots of ways to meet others. Pick someone you think you would like from others in your classes and invite them to do something that still enables both of you to observe social distancing, and mask wearing, because of the pandemic.  All is not lost! So called "ugly ducklings" end up becoming "swans", as they grow, bloom and blossom, and you will, too, if you don't allow yourself to drown in self doubt and hurt feelings.  Check in with your school counselor. I think some counseling sessions are exactly what might help you the most right now. Good wishes, Good luck!  

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    People are just plain out cruel and rude, it may not be you, just them being judgemental and picky! Good luck

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