what Sims 4 game is best!?

hello! I want to play the sims 4 game, I dont know which one though! Sims 4 or sims 4 cats and dogs or sims 4 island. 

Does the cats and dogs game (or island) take anything away from the sims 4 game? or which one has more to do? thx

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  • Kyle
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    2 months ago
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    those are expansion packs.  you need the Sims 4 base game to play expansion packs.

    expansion packs add onto the base game.  not take away.  

    island living is fun for a while and the location is nice.  but it felt more like a destination pack than a new living area. like vacations in the original sims.

    i have both and have more fun with cats and dogs.  

  • those "games" you are mentioning, are not standalone,  they are game expansions  DLC's  (down loadable content),and they are bought seperately from the main game, to add to it,  ie you must already own the base game to use them

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