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How do I finally get my mom to understand watching videos is not 'gaming'?

For some reason my mom believes every time I'm watching youtube or Twitch that I'm 'gaming.' Thus to her all I do is game. Which is wrong. I game a few hours a day. Sometimes not for days. Some days I game more than others, but it's still drastically less than in the last couple of years.

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    Is she truly ignorant of the fact that "gaming" means to play a game? Maybe she's just using the term to refer to everything that has to do with games. Whether you have a controller in your hands or not, she might think you spend too much time on video game related things. Try to get her to understand that your interest in video games is no different than her generation's interest in tv shows, movies, music, sports or other pop culture stuff, when she was younger. Besides that, "gaming" has been around for decades. There are people her age - whatever her age might be - who played games and read gaming magazines and joined gaming clubs, and spent hours on their hobby when they were your age - and many of them went to work as computer programmers and game designers, and STILL play video games. Like me. I'm 50 years old and I've been playing video games and computer games since the 1970s. 

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    You shouldn't watch these videos!

    You should show your mum videos that you watch. She will see it's not a game.

    Maybe you should show her one game and one video on youtube, then she will see the difference

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    Hey. If your watching the football on TV your not playing football....

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    Just burn her house down in minecraft

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    Watching videos of games (which you probably do a lot of) is almost the same thing.

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    i dont know she maybe means cuz she did not use computers ever maaybe or she did not even know

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    Sounds like she's using "gaming" to really mean "screen time".

  • Quote "for "some" reason", Well i can figure it out,  because you are watching feeds and tubes of youtubers, gaming, therefore you are still watching games if not actually playing them, not that i'm going to give you a lesson what you should do and your parents know best  bla bla bla etc, thats none of my business, , just pointing out why she may well think that way.....was i wrong?

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    Invite her to watch what you are doing.  That should solve the problem.

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