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What should I do?

I keep skipping my periods and I cannot figure out why. Can it be related to anything? am not pregnant and not having stress right now. 


Nope, not at the moment. Used to be on it when I was in my early teens for a few months but then I stopped using it. Can it be related to infertility? it runs in my family and thank you, I'll do that. 

Update 2:

oh no 😔

Update 3:

I’ll bring it up to the doc and see what she says 

Update 4:

Only 19 years old

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    Are you on birth control? Birth control can cause changes and cause you to skip your periods. Also, some women are just not regular. Honestly, the best thing you can see a gynecologist and find out the cause. 

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    You don't mention your age, but I'm 50 and my cycles have been very very irregular for the past couple of years. Could be early onset menopause?

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    PCOS. you may not be able to have children either. i hope you go to the gyno annually. 

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    When you visit your gynecologist, ask for a prescription for continuous use birth control pills.  That will suppress your period completely, so you can stop worrying about why you're irregular.

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