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Why has there been no major discoveries in Physics in the last 50 years, all these supposed genius physicists and nothing produced?

Might as well get the physicists out there with the construction workers doing some hard labour. Wasting time. 

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    Simply not true.

    Physics textbooks on my shelf which were printed about 1970 have become more and more a sentimental value.

    Late 60's - mid 70's

    Electroweak theory (unification of weak interaction and electromagnetism), quarks confirmed, the standard model of elementary particles invented, black hole entropy and radiation, various particles and quarks found and this continues to this day,

    1980s - early 1990s

    quantum computing, W and Z bosons discovered


    quantum teleportation, Bose–Einstein condensate observed, accelerating expansion of the universe,


    quark-gluon plasma found, discoveries related to neutrinos (tau-neutrino, neutrino mass and atmospheric oscillation of neutrinos confirmed, solar neutrino problem solved), mapping of cosmic background radiation,


    Higgs boson found, gravitational waves observed, an image of a black hole taken...

    These are only fundamental things that took news headlines, immense practical applications not even mentioned.

    Semiconductors and lasers were discoveries of the 1950s, 40 years later we had CDs, the internet, LED TVs, and mobile phones. Today even toys have lasers and chips.

    Can you imagine toys with quantum microprocessors and bosonic kitchen gadgets 40 years from now?

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    Aha.  A physics-troller.

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    I presume you're typing this on a 1970s computer.

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