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Why does my GPS not work in pokemon go?

I am playing on a tablet from walmart and it keeps showing me walking like a couple of blocks away even though I'm at home. It counts towards my steps for hatching eggs so that's cool but I want to know why it is happening?? I had this happen on my super old phone from 2014 too. It keeps teleporting me from place to place even though I haven't moved. Kind of annoying to be honest.

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    GPS is typically NOT included in tablets unless they have cellular data support (most tablets rarely support cellular data).

    As a result, the app is pulling GPS data from Google (which Android phones send WiFi network names, router name / MAC address & GPS data to Google for this) or Apple (iOS devices like iPhones do this as well) & then approximating your location from there.  If you've connect to another WiFi network while running the app, it'll update your location based on the noted GPS location of said network... even if it's just a brief moment.

    While I don't know the exact distance of the other WiFi network (or it's strength / stability of said network), it's the difference in their locations is what the app is taking into account & applying the distance towards your eggs.  This is what some users were taking advantage of at the local mall I'm familiar with, where they used a combination of the mall's WiFi network & the WiFi networks of various stores to update their location.

    I can see similar things happening with older phones as various components the phones may degrade & eventually fail over time... so the app falls back to alternate data (from Google & Apple, respectively).  I had a few settings & features disappear on a phone because of non-intergral component failure (where the phone could still operate despite the component no longer functioning).

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    Does the tablet support true GPS?  If it doesn't have data from LTE or similar data capabilities, it's not true GPS but instead will guess where it is based on a data base of known router locations via wifi, etc.

    I tried the same thing with my iPad and an iPod Touch that I bought and they wouldn't work since they don't support true GPS.

    Even if you use a wifi connection with a GPS-capable phone, the GPS data is not shared with the other device.  The device has to be able to know where it is on its own.

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