Is this workplace bullying?

I have a senior co-worker who very much has a bullying attitude to most other staff but her behaviour is always just on the edge and no one is ever really able to report her. Well recently my manager has had me taking on some more senior roles as I have been working there 7 years and its the natural evolution of my position. I heard through other staff that this particular person has threatened to quit if I am to continue doing these senior tasks. I consider this serious bullying as she is trying to hinder my career growth simply because she doesn't like me. I'd be interested to hear opinions on this before taking it to management. Thank you 


I said she is belittling and rude to everyone but she is particularly bad with me and I have had other people point that out as well. And as for saying something to me directly thats how she works. She will bad mouth you to others behind your back in the hopes of getting others to not like you as well. 

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    Her threatening to quit only affects her own career growth. But if this person is like this with everyone it's not really bullying in the traditional sense of the word as you're not being singled out. You also seem to be reacting to gossip more than anything this person has actually said to you. 

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