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New iMac storage solutions?

The 2020 IMac only has a small hard drive how do I store more than the maximum storage? I have a 2 tb external hard drive in my MacBook it copies the contents of my hard drive automatically. If I have one on a new IMac it will do the same. How do I take files say photos and documents off the iMac to clear space on the internal hard drive! I don’t understand how the new drives which small capacities work. 

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  • keerok
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    2 months ago

    They're pushing the use of the cloud. You save online. To old geezers like me who started with floppies, there's no way I'd entrust my precious data to some remote server out there. I'd rather manage it myself. So yes, external drives are the next best solution. You however have set up an automated backup drive. What you are asking for is an upgrade - to increase you storage capacity. Your backup just mirrors your internal drive so go buy another external hard disk and set it up as an additional drive. I have two, almost permanently attached to my CPU. To the computer and myself, it's all seamless, as if they're internal too, with the added advantage of being easy to remove in case I want to share my files with others.

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