Enclosed gas fireplace getting water below the firebox. ?

Every time it rains for several hours, the section below our firebox gets water in it. We had someone come out and checked the chimney, he said no issues. He said based on when wind blows the rain, it’s going to come in because our house is in the open. This doesn’t seem like it should happen to me. Any other ideas?

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  • 2 months ago

    look up 'chimney cap' on the internet or at your local home improvement store.  this will keep virtually all rain out after it is installed [uses simple tools and a ladder to get up there -- thus handyman or DIY job].  some communities local building code requires them on new construction or when a house is sold.  -- grampa

  • 2 months ago

    It's certainly not normal. Since you have a gas fire , the chimney should have a flue fitted. If you have a flue fitted there should be a rain hood at the top. Sometimes referred to as a 'chinaman's hat' if it's metal.

    It's possible your chimney isn't lined and the brickwork is leaking.

    In any case, if you had someone to come and check and he said 'no issues', that's totally wrong because obviously there is a problem.

    We had a similar thing , but with a log burner. When it rained hard we got water coming through and it was due to it being end of terrace with the chimney on that side and brickwork needing re-pointing. 

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