How does a child deserve karma from past lives it’s wrong it hurts but I believe in karma and Buddhist way?

Because of karma this child grew from purity to a monster

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  • 2 months ago

    The child you feel sorry for now was an adult in many previous lives, so the child's karma comes from the long time ago. The child who is murdered in this life may have been a murderer as an adult in a previous life. That is how karma works. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Karma is a complex idea with lots of interpertations. However, as far as can be ascertained the original idea the Buddha expressed is cause-and-effect, a physical version. He was quite clear that injustice exists in the world "life is suffering" and will always exist in the world. Good things happen to the bad and bad things happen to the good and there is no devine force that sets things right. 

    He saw little to no benefit to prayer and animal sacrifice and he made slaves and the low born into positions of authority etc. His philosophy was how to deal with an injustice world and free yourself of the delusion that you live in one. It is not pessimistic it is realistic. Bad stuff will happen so what do you do next? He loved played with a metaphor of doctors. A doctor doesn't sit there an lecture a patient on why they don't deserve treatment because clearly they are bad people which is why they are sick. A doctor heals.

  • 2 months ago

    It doesn't. Children suffer because of their parents' choices, or even those of grand-parents and much further back their genealogical 'tree'. They inherit genetic material that determines their physical aspects, so they might be born with heart trouble or be blind. That's got nothing to do with the baby. Genetics pass on heart weaknesses from generation to generation, and blindness could be due to the father being sexually promiscuous, getting syphilis and passing that on to the mother who unwittingly passes it on to the baby in the process of birth. Karma is blind, and also unthinking. It condemns billions to hopelessness and a sense of helplessness. But to a few others, it fills them with pride and arrogance so that they look down on those they should be helping. There is no compassion in karma. But Jesus is full of compassion, and He reached out to the lowest classes and lifted them up.

  • I would say if karma were real then that would go beyond what we think is fair. But karma is not necessary to accept in Buddhism. 

    Once a disciple of the Buddha asked him what happens when we die, the Buddha replies, "why are you asking me that question? What's more important than that is why you feel the need to ask that"

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  • Oleg
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    2 months ago

    I do not believe people have past lives.

    I have no memories of this  - that's why i reject this thing, as a fake Buddhist trick to place blame somewhere you cannot check, did it happen or not.

    By Christian faith you can instead be influenced by your family's and your own actions in this life.

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