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Sheriff's homework?

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask you something. In my home state of Minnesota, there's both a police department and also a sheriff's department. What's the sheriff's department for if there's a police department? What are your tasks in this case? only serious answers, thank you

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    The sheriff and his or her deputies are responsible for the county. They will be the ones called to any calls which are outside any city municipality in that county. While city police only tend to the calls inside their jurisdictional limits of their cities. Sheriffs have the same duties as a police offer, with a lager service area, being that their area is the entire county, not just one single city jurisdiction. But they do also have the right to enforce the law in all the respective cities located inside their county as well.

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    In MY State it's the same purpose - law enforcement - and different areas. The Sheriff handles matters within the County.  The Police handle matters within the City.  The Troopers handle matters within the State.

    The Sheriff will take calls if the Police or Troopers are otherwise occupied.

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    They serve a similar mission, but they have different jurisdiction. The police department is responsible for the city, and the sheriff is responsible for the entire county. The sheriff also has additional responsibilities such as running the county jail and serving civil process papers such as subpoenas and restraining orders.  It is common for the sheriff's department to have their office in the county seat.

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    Sheriffs usually have a county-wide jurisdiction, and police are restricted to the city or town in which they're based. Sheriffs also often are associated with jails. It would depend on the particular area you're talking about. Laws very from state to state. In Massachusetts, sheriffs are mainly involved with operating the county jail system.

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