Did they steal my package ?

My order was delivered yesterday at night so I went to check and there was nothing at my door so I thought maybe it was delivered to my mailbox, I went to check it today and nothing.

 Then I opened amazon and checked the order and there was a picture of the package at my next door neighbours door 

They haven’t bothered to knock on my door and give it to me 

Did they steal it? 

I had a package delivered to my address that wasn’t mine and had a completely different address on the package so idk how that happened but I drove to that address and gave it to them 

So why can’t my NEXT DOOR neighbours come give me my package?

I don’t know them btw, they’re new

1 Answer

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    2 months ago

    They are new so probably they don't know your name or who's package is that. Go over there & ask if they received your package. 

    Not everyone will go out of their way to help neighbours like you did 

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