Was Radcliffe College a Substandard Institution?

My understanding that Harvard University believed women were inferior, or at least not entitled to the same education as a man.  It did maintain Radcliffe, and the faculty was composed of Harvard professors, who, after having taught all day at Harvard, were expected to teach classes at Radcliffe.  Harvard did not end this discriminatory nonsense until the late 1970's.  Why was Harvard allowed to get away with it for so long, and why didn't women complain?


In the late 1970's, I attended a university in the South, that was founded in 1883.  It admitted women from the beginning.  Glad to know that I went to a progressive school that was not nearly as backward as Harvard or Radcliffe.

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    By no means was Radcliffe a substandard institution. It was a woman's college, one of the Seven Sisters colleges comparable to the often male Ivy League colleges. Newcomb College of Tulane University was supposedly comparable. I am a 2 time. Newcomb alumna, classes of 1975 and 1980. Newcomb was not one of the Seven Sister colleges. It also had a reputation as a finishing school for debutantes who would go there for 2 years. 

    Newcomb college and the College of Arts and Sciences faculties decided to merge into a single coeducational undergraduate college in the summer of 1989. Newcomb still exists as an administrative entity. Radcliffe and Harvard did something similar earlier than Tulane did.


    Five of the Seven Sister colleges STILL admit ONLY women.. My mother graduated from a women's college that went coed inn 1968.Her mother had 2 bachelors degrees and 2 master's degrees. Her mother, great grandmother, had a bachelors degree. She was also a faculty dependent like I am. 

    There is NO NEED to be insulting, provoking and inflaming. This is a rant and will be reported as such as soon as I post this edit. 

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    Radcliffe, one of the original Seven Sisters, was the most prestigious academic institution for women in the world from the time it was founded until its official merger with Harvard in the 1970s. "Cliffies" were exceptionally high performers academically, and very highly respected for their exceptional academic achievements throughout the school's history. Many Radcliffe grads were pioneers in their fields, including advocating higher education for women. If you are a woman who has a chance at getting a college education, thank those generations of Radcliffe grads - and also thank Boomer Women for their breakthroughs in opening so many opportunities in so many fields for women.

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