Are there any American pro-white organizations that don’t bash nonwhites?

I’m not a white supremecist, and I don’t support genocide against any group of nonwhites. But I am dismayed that it seems every white person in america is either a hater of their own heritage to the point where they wish to see their own people group disappear off the face of the earth, or they take the polar opposite view and support genocidal ideals like nazism and say nonwhites are inherently inferior with fixed inferior genes. I am one who believes that God doesn’t make inherent junk people and I want all races to prosper equally worldwide the way white Americans generally have throughout history. I have enjoyed meeting and making friends amongst nonwhites. But I also love my own national/cultural heritage (though I wish it were created somewhere in Europe so as to not have abused another race by taking over their lands), and am sick of seemingly being punished in society just because of being born with a certain shade. It appears that American white people have been socially engineered, bewitched, or both to hate themselves. All of my friends are either nonwhite (and a different culture), white people married to nonwhites, or white singles who hate their own heritage. I can’t seem to find any white friends who love their own heritage and fight for it. West Is there a balanced pro white group out there somewhere? Somewhere I can make white friends like myself....because I’m lonely for people of my own culture. I am generically white, I do not have a majority ethnic group.


I do not have a majority ethnicity, I just see myself as both of Southern descent and of the old mainstream culture of America that existed before the love of rap music went mainstream. I would welcome American regional cultures (such as Southern, Midwestern, and New England, for example), too.

Update 2:

Such people can email me directly too.

Update 3:

David, a good example is Kemi Badenoch in England’s Parliament who stood up for elementary school-age indigenous British boys when society tried to put the “white privilege” thing on them, though that’s an adult issue....she’s black. I wrote to her thanking her for standing up to those who want to bully little kids because they happen to have “the wrong skin color”...she emailed me back saying she agrees with me that forever labeling people as oppressors and victims doesn’t solve the racism.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Don’t listen to anonymous troll that’s people like that is what causes division in the world. I’m white and I’m proud of my heritage. I’m Romanian and I love my heritage. But unfortunately you’ll meet those self hating white people who are brainwashed to believe that blacks are inferior and everything in this whole universe is going against blacks and life is unbearable for them, so far from the truth. What’s even more pathetic is I’ve met some white peoples who can actually tolerate black people putting white people down and say reverse racism doesn’t exist. I think if you want to stick up for black people that’s fine but they need to have limitations and be short tempered when they see black people putting white people down. You need to also stick up for your own race. White people like this just piss me off and I’m super ashamed of them. They must understand no black people would ever say “ white is beautiful “ or stick up for the discrimination that goes against white people and if there’s some out there like that it’s very little. I’d say if you wanna meet people from your own nationality maybe go to local churches that are from your own nationality. Like sometimes I attend Romanian churches. Or Romanian festivals and dances. 

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