Could the collapse of the United States happen as it was with the Soviet Union?

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    2 months ago
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    Any country that exists under Socialism and Communism and taken over by force will fail, just as they have in the past.

    This is why we have to support Trump and see to it that those who are trying to take over are prosecuted to the fullest extent - to ensure that it never happens again. One of the tactics they use is by using propaganda as they've done in proclaiming Biden as President - he is no such thing.

    And this is why the media is so important for them to control. The fake media in the United States has been on a steady degradation of Trump since before he was elected - and the morons who support the Democrats have bought into it so deeply that even still, they react with utter stupidity.

    Clearly, we have a generation that refuses to think for itself.

    The fake media is also responsible for the so-called "pandemic". A recent discovery on the CDC website found that the reason for the current upswing of COVID cases is that they are combining the pneumonia and influenza totals with their COVOD statistics - and with this year's cold and flu season underway, the number of these cases are naturally going to be higher.

    By combining the COVID numbers with those of pneumonia and Influenza, they're able to push and maintain higher numbers. Take away the pneumonia and influenza figures and there is much less of an impact.

    This obviously shows that the COVID threat (if it is real at all) is not strong enough to stand on its own. But because of the fake media and the Democratic agenda of overthrowing the Trump administration (which is the main obstacle that prevents worldwide compliance) the intellectually-challenged generation that denies everything has become emissaries of Communism.

    And if Biden is allowed to serve as President, everything Trump has done to prevent a takeover will be destroyed and the country will succumb to Communism.

    "Learn from history".

    That advice is easier to do when the Left isn't destroying it. But when you have a generation that refuses to even accept that Obama was a Communist but are of voting age, you have turned the country over to the irresponsible who have to be told what to think.

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    The Soviet Union was also dealing with 2 years of catastrophic crop failure. 

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    2 months ago

    No, the Soviet Union or USSR( Union of Soviet Socialist Republics),  was a union of 15 republics, the USA is one.

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