Can you still aquire your CGA for accounting?

I am just starting in the accounting field and noticed that the CA, CMA and CGA are being brought into the CPA designation. Does that mean you must go for the CPA and can no longer just get CGA or CMA?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    CPA is traditionally a US designation.

    It means "certified public accountant".  It's an accountant who focuses on auditing and taxes for public corporations.

    CA = chartered accountant  = this is the usual designation for accountants who work outside of North America

    CGA = certified general accountant = standard designation for accountants who work in Canada.

    CMA = Certified Management Accountant = the CPA licensing body realized they were missing a whole segment of the industry.  No certification for accountants working in large businesses.  They needed to get a piece of this pie and created this designation.

    No different then the expansion of certifications in other industries.  The certification boards are private businesses and need to increase their income like all other businesses. 

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