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How to fix my relationship with my boyfriend?

So, I love my boyfriend. He's a sweet guy and he gives me attention, and we like talking about video games together. We share many beliefs, including religious and political stuff. He's got a very free schedule, so he can come over and hang out with me whenever. He has a wonderful family who likes me. He's also okay-looking, and I don't think I could do any better than him.

The only issue is that I hate him so much it's insane. I hate his voice, I hate that he's had no steady employment in two years, I hate that he's lazy about his appearance, I hate that he never compliments mine, I hate that he thinks my hobbies are a waste of time, he disgusts me on a sexual level, I hate that he teasingly insults me all the time, I hate that he's competitive and a bad winner, I hate that he's so open about his sexuality (like having a naked anime girl as his screensaver and phone background), I hate that he's nosy, I hate that he has no social skills, I hate that I've given up on the idea of having children because I wouldn't trust him as a co-parent, I hate hate hate hate hate. I hate so much that I've written break up letters and thrown them away to let out anger.

So, I need to change the way I think about him. How do I do that? 

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    If you are willing to settle for someone you don't like or respect and isn't remotely compatible with you, it's because you hate yourself. You will continue to resent him because you don't think you deserve to be happy and loved. This is an immature and toxic relationship, it's not sustainable. If you do improve your self esteem and decide to take responsibility for your own happiness, you will dump him. If you keep using him as an excuse to stagnate and martyr yourself, eventually he will be the one to grow up and decide he wants better for himself. There is only one way this ends, you can choose to end it on your terms or his.

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    Uhhh, no dont change the way you think about him. Hes obviously not good for you

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    You walk away and get your head together.  This is a relationship that's going nowhere.  You put up with all the bad stuff and wimp that he's Mr.Wonderful which he obviously isn't.  You have got into the habit of being with him.  SO LEAVE.

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    You can't change him - he is who he is. If you fundamentally don't want to be around him, then end the relationship. 

    I mean, his voice? Even if you could change him entirely, this would remain. 

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