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Why were the British so hostile to the German bomber refugees from 1939-45?

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    because Churchill hated Germans 

    Churchill campaigned for WW2 he did it for Victor Rothschild who was head of Central Banking - Hitler stopped using the Rothschilds Central Banking currency in  Germany and instead adopted a swapping scheme which was  an economic miracle Victor Rothschild didn't want other European countries to do the same so he and Churchill campaigned for WW2

     they even made a law that could send anyone objecting to the upcoming WW2 to jail without charge

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    2 months ago

    so why did Many German POWS in the UK ask to stay

  • 2 months ago

    Because that's the feeling you get when somebody bombs your country for 6 years.

  • Ludwig
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    2 months ago

    No idea what this poster is asking.   Nor does he.

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    I think the big issue is that Britain was so crowded at this point. This is why POWs were shipped to Canada. This was an easy process to ship them out as the troop ships would go back empty if not for Germans. Assorted refugees had to be processed to see where they fit into war effort. Some might have been suitable for a government in exile sort of thing, some might be spies, some might just be refugees who had a better chance of a better life in Canada rather than Britain. 

    You are not asking an absurd question here because Germans with means could still get out through Stockholm or Lisbon or so on. Fegelein actually tried this route, but he was probably a war criminal so you see the problem. Hans Bernd Gisevius was someone who worked against Hitler the whole time he was pretending to be a Nazi, and then got out of Dodge. I guess being a Gestapo officer means you get to do whatever you want, including blowing up Hitler.  One factor here is the "internal refugees". Germans who had means and did not care for the war just went to their ski chalet or whatever for the war. After all, London was being bombed but not 


    There is a huge irony here. Probably Germans who hated the Nazis lived in comfort the whole time because hey-Berchtesgaden was full of Nazis. There was no better place to be in Germany the entire Nazi era than Berchtesgaden. Apparently Speer enjoyed skiing even deep into the war which raises the question-who the hell were the lifties? 

    The German POWs in Canada were all repatriated after the war. However, some of them actually came back to live in Canada in the same communities where they were farm labour as POWs. 

    No matter what side they were on, Canada has prospered with post war refugees. It just took some of them a long time to get on the boat to Halifax. 

    In the end, I think the answer to your question is this-as the terms were unconditional surrender there was no effort to build a free German military force or German government in exile in London. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You would have to define what you mean by 'German Bomber Refugees' 

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