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Family. Covid Question. ?

We are not invited to Thanksgiving dinner this year because of Covid. I know that the other set of grandparents and some of that family see my adult child and spouse and grandkids regularly. I am pretty easygoing and absolutely non-confrontational but I am kind of upset. All of the grandparents are retired. I am observing all of the Covid precautions. When I asked my adult child I was told that if anyone got sick and died it would be a bad thing. Is it unreasonable for me to feel excluded? Please be kind with your responses. 

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    i didnt get invited for thanksgiving either

  • 2 months ago

    You're justified in feeling excluded, but how does that help? I mean, how does it help YOU that some random strangers on the internet reassured you that your feelings are justifiable? Could you explain?

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