I failed a module at university that is discontinued?

So, I need to resit a module at university, and usually, they would give me an option to either take the classes again and then do the coursework or just do the coursework. Now, the tricky part is that because this module is no longer being taught, they did not give me an option to resit the classes. However, I needed that and am now struggling to do the coursework. Do you think I have good grounds in this situation to argue for them to maybe swap this module for something new that it was replaced by? Can I take legal action if they don't do it?

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  • JOHN
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    2 months ago


  • 2 months ago

    If that former module has been replaced by a new graduation requirement, fulfill the new requirement. Discuss with your academic advisor. What, exactly, is going on here? Sounds like the old requirement has been replaced with a new one.

  • 2 months ago

    You may certainly ASK about swapping to a course that is similar or fulfill the same basic requirement.  In theory, since you've already taken the full course, have all the notes and homework and assignments, it shouldn't be that difficult to hire a tutor so that you could get a passing grade on the work.  

    You can certainly consult an attorney, but it would be far less expensive to simply hire a tutor to help you.  I doubt you can sue a university because you failed a class and still have the opportunity to redeem your grade.  Universities are not required to guarantee a specific course is always going to be taught. 

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