Did I close my exterior outlet correctly?

I removed an exterior wall outlet and wanted to make sure i've done it the right way. I spliced the hot wires together and the neutral wires together. Although it couldn't do it for the ground wires, since one of them was too short, so I just inserted the left ground in a nut. Should it be attached to metal box instead? 


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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It is fine.  You would know immediately because the breaker will kick off. so no power goes there.  You don't care. Attach to the metal box also works for the ground too.  It is under a screw head so it is touching already. Now throw a cover over the whole thing to hide the wires. The white plastic plate covers they use for telephone covers with a round hole in the middle will fit on. and protect from sunlight(it is the sun that destroys plastic) and make the wall water tight. You do not need rain water coming in because of a FREAK STORM, do you?

    . You did more than I would do as the tape was not needed as you had the plastic nuts on and that is good enough.

  • 2 months ago

    get a simple outlet tester at the hardware store -- it'll only be a few bucks.  if the outlet then doesn't test as good, you'll need to lengthen the ground to fit properly

  • 2 months ago

    What I've done in cases like this, where a wire is too short, is to cut another piece and include it in the nut so that it will reach to the screw.  By not grounding the bare wire, you leave whatever is downstream unprotected.  

  • 2 months ago

    Well, the reason the bare ground wire is normally attached to the box is so if the hot (black) wire touches the metal box, the circuit breaker will pop rather than the metal box becoming electrified and dangerous to touch. I don't like the fact that the right-hand wire's ground wire is cut off short and not grounded to anything. For safety's sake, and to prevent electrocution and/or a fire, the ground wires should be connected to each other as well as the box.

    If you loosen the screw on the wire clamp, can you pull the right-hand wire through more? If it was me, I would attempt to pull that wire into the box a bit more and see if it can be grounded. At worst, I would try to strip the jacket a little more and solder a wire onto it to extend the ground wire enough that both ground wires can be connected together and to the metal box.

    Depending on which side is attached to the breaker box, you've effectively cut off the ground to the opposite side. Any other outlets that are on that wire will have non-functioning ground connections. So yeah... needs to be fixed.

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