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The more neurons a brain has the quicker it processes info?

Is this true? If not why 

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    @Anonymous So just having a bigger brain results in more intelligence. But having more neurons doesnt? 

    Please provide sources for your claims. It makes no sense to me how that can be considering that neurons are what process info and how many there are determine the speed at which a brain processes the info. 

    So a bigger brain means bigger neurons and bigger neurons = quicker info processing whereas more neurons doesnt = quicker info processing?

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    2 months ago

    As he body increases in size so does the brain, so that a large animal has more neurons than a smaller animal. However, the brain increases in size more slowly than the body. For example, if a one hundred pound animal has a brain that is one pound in weight, a 200 pound animal does not need a brain that weighs 2 pounds to function. Large animals need larger brains because there are more muscles to move and to work with a larger number of body cells. 

    Large animals do not have brains that work more quickly than smaller animals. For animals that are similar in body size, the larger brain allows it to be more intelligent. Humans have the largest brain of any animal our size, so we are smarter than any other animal our size. Compared to other animals that are smaller or larger in body size, scientists came up with the concept known as EQ or Encephalization Quotient, which measures how large an animal's brain is compared to what is expected of an animal its size. For example an EQ of 1 means that an animal is average in intelligence since its brain is 100% of what is expected of it based on body weight. Chimps have an EQ of a little over 2, which means its brain is twice the size of what is expected. That means it is smarter than animals with an EQ of less than 2, such as dogs, cats and bears, all of which have an EQ of about 1. 

    Humans have an EQ of 7 or more. That means our brains are 7 times or more of what we are expected to have based on our body size. That give us more intelligence, but the large number of brain cells do not make us think more quickly than other animals. That is because the quickest way for an animals to make decisions is to use our instincts. Instincts do not require a big brain, and they do not require thinking. For example, if you tastes something that is bitter, your instinct is to spit it out or vomit. It does not require thinking. If you actually have to think about what to do when you have tasted something bitter, then it may take too long.  Relying on instincts may allow us to react more quickly, but our instincts may not always be the best guidance for acting. Sometimes it is better to take time and think things over before we act. So, even if our big brains do not allow us to think more quickly, it does allow us to think better and make better, more rational decisions. 

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