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Is it possible to get covid twice within a matter of 3 weeks? ?

I started to feel bad 3 weeks ago, I had covid symptoms. Tested 2 times within a week and tested negative. A week after I started feeling better and tested again and got negative. Then a week after that got an antibody test and tested positive meaning I had covid. Now started to feel what I felt when I first started getting symptoms. I’m feeling very tired all of a sudden. Is it possible to get covid twice within a matter of 3 weeks? 

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    There is a phenomenon called the Covid 2nd Week Crash (you can google it).

    People get covid, it's not bad - get better - and then relapse during the 2nd week crash.

    The 2nd week crash means that your body is unable to fight the inflammation.  It would be a good idea for you to consult with a doctor to see if they want to start using anti-inflammatories or anti-virals to cut off the disease progression.

    Your antibody test doesn't mean you had covid 3 weeks ago, although likely, it means you had covid at some point. You might have been completely asymptomatic when you had covid.

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    nope that isn't possible

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