Has a favourite musician of yours been a session player for someone else before they were famous in their own right?

BQ.1 Is there a particular song where their style or contribution stands out for you?

BQ.2 When youo learned this, did it come as a surprise at all?


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  • TB12
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    3 months ago
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    Back in the day there was a group of studio musicians known as The Wrecking Crew,, they played for everyone from Sinatra to the Beach Boys, one guitarist in particular eventually became one of country musics biggest acts, a guy by the name of Glen Campbell,, not so much a favorite of mine but definitely one of my Dad's, I heard his albums so much growing up that to this day I can still sing damn near every song he recorded.

  • Binks
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    3 months ago

    Hey Livin', I believe a favorite guitar player of mine, Allen Holdsworth, played as a session musician on Tony Williams Lifetime before joining Bill Bruford's fusion unit Bruford before breaking out on his own. I wasn't really surprised about it, but I was surprised that famous heavy metal guitarist Eddie Van Halen cited Holdsworth as a major influence of his unique style, since Holdsworth was more a jazz musician. Even Alex Van Halen cited Bruford as a major influence on his drumming. They were both crazy about the Bruford / Holdsworth coupling.

  • 3 months ago

    A guy many STILL have not heard of. Actually kind of shocking, it must be the type of music he chooses to play and write. He has been around a long time, if you read Wiki you I think would be surprised the bands he has recorded and sat in with.

    You know Brother ... I like to throw a curve ending in the weird and unusual  : )

    Please also notice Nicki Wells (the Blonde girl back up singer) I was reading somewhere "She is a white girl who speaks Hindi", so happens she can sign too : ) Nicki Wells is a writer and composer, You may see her show up later when not expected. She IS pretty awesome her self, a beautiful voice.


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  • dman63
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    3 months ago

    Jimmy Page did a lot of session work back in the Sixties before forming Led Zeppelin.

    BQ1: Page played rhythm guitar on Beck’s Bolero by Jeff Beck.  Also featured on the track was John Paul Jones on bass and Keith Moon on drums.

    BQ2: Not really.  The two guitarists had been friends since boyhood, as well as being members of The Yardbirds.

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