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Is there a list of all the voting fraud cases in the USA was people were actually charged with election fraud & found guilty?

I ask because while I hear a lot about voting fraud, I rarely here of actual prosecutions of such cases.

Maybe if we paid more attention to reality it would make this whole suspect everybody of being a criminal thing go away.

Its the same with Prosecution of politicians.  We hear a lot of accusations but we mostly see a specific set of people being prosecuted and jailed or needing pardons in such cases, while on the other side we hear the accusations but there seems to never really be proof to support the accusations.

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    Don't say "we" buddy.  "You" is more like it.  We have been hearing over and over that all...all...the voter fraud allegations by the Republicans have been thrown out for the lack of evidence.  You might not be hearing that, but we are.  Even those of us who watch Fox News are hearing that.

    As to the politicians.  Flynn, who confessed to collaborating with the Russians during that 2016 campaign an then lying about it to the FBI was just yesterday pardoned by Trump.  Again "we" are hearing that, but you apparently are not.

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