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If you’ve taken a class at a higher level than the prerequisite, can you sign up for the course?

Long story short, I want to sign up for an anthropology class. It says English 086 is the prerequisite. I didn’t take English 086, but I took English 112. Since 112 is a higher level than 086, would I be allowed to sign up for the course?

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    Every college has a different course naming and numbering protocol. Sometimes, higher numbers are given to classes that aren't more advanced, just in a different stream.

    So, no one here can tell you (especially without knowing what college); you need to speak to your college advisor, or someone from the Anthropology Department at your college. If you placed out of English 086 through placement test scores, SAT scores, etc. to take the higher numbered class; or if English 086 is a remedial-level class; or if you transferred in from another college with a different numbering protocol, where English 112 was freshman English Composition, you should be fine. If you took a different stream of English classes than the regular English Composition, however, you might not be; most colleges  list multiple alternative prerequisites if they are OK. But these are just shots in the dark; you have to ask your college.

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    Not necessarily. Eng. 112 might have nothing to do with what you need to know to understand anthropology.

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    Yes, you should be able to sign up. You may need to contact the department for a permit. 

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