Cost to repoint a stone foundation?

I know this is a question that may be hard to answer accurately. I'm mostly looking for a ball park figure. I need atleast one of my foundation walls repointed in the basement. Almost all the mortar is crumbling out of it. Its roughly 14ft long and 7ft tall. It has a mix of medium and smaller stones with some large ones at the bottom. I would say that almost all of it needs repointing. If a company came in to do this does anyone know what I might be looking at for cost? 

Thanks for your help

3 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Without AT LEAST a photo, it is IMPOSSIBLE to give even a ballpark figure that is based in reality.

  • 2 months ago

    im from uk ..builder ..the art of repointing is 50% knowing how and what to mix should be quite stiff ...that wall i would cost as a max of two days work ....£400 + £40 materials ..+vat 

  • 2 months ago

    this is a handyman job -- just make sure he has experience doing this work.  that you need it done suggests the construction type is fairly common in the area and thus workmen should be readily available.  Look for someone who will teach you how to do it as the work progresses -- that way, if/as smaller sections need to be redone in future years, you'll be able to do it yourself.  -- grampa  [cost depends on labor rates, which vary from area to area.  when calling, make sure to emphasize that the work in in the basement -- thus, indoor and out of the weather.]

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