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Taurus rising men are sexy and Libra rising women are beautiful?

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    Magic star signs don’t have anything to do with genetics 

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    The actress Monica Bellucci and other beautiful women are Libra 

    Libra men are passive and gay

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    You have the right to your opinion.

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    Libra men are sexy, but Libra women, mostly not so much. From what I have heard, other people also said the same thing. Taurus men are sexy also. They are on par with Libra men, but Taurus women are slightly hotter and look better than Taurus men in general though. Taurus women are more vain, narcissistic, shallow, and superficial than Libra women generally, but despite their terrible personality, Taurus women are fortunately much more beautiful than Libra women. Both Libra and Taurus are attractive signs. However, Taurus women are better-looking than Taurus men, while most Libra men are better-looking than Libra women. The zodiac sign with many below-average looking people is Virgo. Virgos of BOTH genders look very bland, plain, and average, BUT Virgo men look slightly *worse* than the Virgo women.

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    They look average to me

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