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Need Help Finding 2 Animes?

Hi, so I recently wanted to re watch a few animes that I’ve watched in the past and there’s 2 that I can’t remember the name of. I only have 2 descriptions for them and their not very helpful lol. But maybe someone here will be able to figure it out?? 

The first one is If I remember correctly there’s a scene where one of the guys gets kidnapped by some gang I think but he’s dressed up as a school girl so they mistook him for one of the guys girlfriend and their like if you wanna see her again come find us or something like that and then I think one of them hit on the guy they kidnapped cuz they think he’s a girl. He gets rescued and that’s all I remember from it lol. 

The 2nd anime description I have is there’s like a gang war or something and they all think the leader is in a coma at the hospital but he’s really dead and the sister like pretends to be him near the end of the anime to put an end to the gang war and steps into this fight going on between one of her classmates and the leader of an enemy gang and the enemy guy hits her thinking that it’s her brother and that’s when she reveals he’s actually been dead for a long time. I should also mention the guy that’s fighting the leader of the gang like won’t give up their almost equally matched in the sense? They just keep hammering away at each other till they can’t anymore. 

These descriptions are terrible I know lmao but hopefully someone can help.

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