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what am i supposed to do about career choosing?

Already graduated from high school and now I'm 19 but I did horribly in school and have a low GPA from that. What should I do? Can't really afford to go to school either and even if I get financial aid, my rent will raise and then I'll have even more financial problems.


But I don't even know what I'm ''good'' at and what I'm capable of either. Thanks for answering and helping

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    You don't necessarily need to go to school. There are a number of options. You need to think about what you're good at, and how you want to live your life. Then look on sites like to see what jobs are available. For example, I just had an HVAC person here inspecting my heating unit for the winter. He works for a local HVAC firm. He makes good money, and says that he likes his job because he's not in an office with someone looking over his shoulder, but goes to customers and solves problems with their heating and air conditioning. He was not successful in school, but is good in figuring out mechanical things. I once met a guy who started working at a fast food place in his teens. He was smart, and showed up for work and paid attention to what was going on, so they promoted him to manager (really easy to get in a fast food place). So then the corporate office noticed him and invited him to their management training program. They ended up helping him buy his own franchise operation- he now owns several. He has no schooling beyond high school, but is VERY successful and wealthy. 

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