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Do people usually go back to Uni to change careers?

After they got their first degree. I want to switch careers every 10 years.

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    Depends on what degree(s) they hold, what work they've done, what career changes they want to make & what is required to get there. It is not always (in fact, not usually!) necessary to get another degree. Depending on their personal development & learning they pursue, plus the type(s) of work they have done, they often only take a course or two that is highly targeted. Or they simply re-position themselves, emphasize skills, knowledge, etc, they've developed through work or living-and-learning.

    Given the speed of technological & economic & market changes, you probably will change careers more often than 10 years.

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    Sure. I went back to school twice, for a master's and doctoral degree. I know someone who was a high school gym teacher and went to medical school at the age of 40 and became a doctor. 

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    Usually, no. Many may add on to their education.   

    Go get their Masters or Doctorate degree.

    I do know if a couple of people who changed their career completely.

    My friend ran a dance studio with her mom and sister. It was destroyed in a tornado. She went to be a RN. Then wanted to run her own business. Started up a nail Salon and party place. Years later she is now running a nail and hair tech school and just expended her business.

    My sister in law had a degree in physics, worked several years at a big corporation. Got tired of it all. Went back to school and is now a chiropractor running her own place.

    Completely switching careers can mean a drop in pay and seniority.  

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