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How can I report a user on here to Yahoo officials?

Want to make them removed and report their problematic behavior


Thank you for helping, I'll be making a complaint about them and their excessive harassment towards me.

Update 2:

I'm not talking about you, Vicky. I am talking about someone else.

Update 3:

Already have, doesn't seem to work. Whatever!

Update 4:

Hmm, must have mistaken you for someone else then. Someone else was being rude and I was p*ssed off. Sorry about that

Update 5:

Hmm and that's your username, @Aruba. I can see your username right now, it says ''Aruba RN'' above your answer.

Update 6:

mm okay, thanks. I'll be fixing this problem and get the person reported

Update 7:

Okay thank you and sorry about all of that, and what I said. 

Update 8:

Ooh okay, I see what you mean then

Update 9:

No, that's not what I mean. Above your answer, it says Aruba RN

Update 10:

I assumed it was you aruba because that's what your username says above your answer that you gave

Update 11:

At this point, Aruba you've been just doing harassment but whatever

Update 12:

Not like those others who don't complain about harassment because I'm not a doormat who lets anyone walk all over and don't have to tolerate harassment anyways. So many crazies here 

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    You could always email Verizon about the user.  You would need to supply all the information about that user and all the proof that you have about their behaviour. When it was Yahoo who owned this site you knew that they would look into the matter and deal with it.  If the user was in the wrong then they were suspended but if the person making the complaint was wrong then they could be suspended.

    I really do not know if Verizon even bother to answer emails or deal with complaints, but you could always try and see what happens.

    Sadly I do not know the email address for complaints, but I am sure one of the other users who use this category would be able to help out.

  • 2 months ago

    In can't. 

    The days of "Yahoo"  doing anything about stalkers and rude users  is LONGGGGGGG  over. 

    Take it from me.......I've been stalked to death here......and there are two users, right now........that if complaining to *any* address  actually worked..........they'd both be long gone by now. 

    It simply doesn't work anymore.   PERIOD. 

    The first  two addresses  Carol listed,  only come back as "Message failures".......they aren't even valid addresses anymore. 

    The only one that responded,   was the  "" address.......and all I got was a form letter, saying they would  "Look into it".......

    and needless to say,  absolutely NOTHING happened,  despite me sending reams of evidence, that years ago, would have been an INSTANT suspension. 

    So, in one cares anymore........and stalkers no longer get suspended. 

    and even the stalkers seem to know this.  They've been getting away with Murder for about a  year now. 

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    No worries Hun, I would never upset you x

    I only have two accounts, this one and Mrs G.

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    You need to email BOTH Yahoo AND Verizon. Include the URL of their YA activity pro file AND the URL addresses of the questions even if it was their answers where they harassed you. You need to report the answers or the questions where the harassment took place. 

    Without those URL addresses Yahoo and Verizon CANNOT trace their account activity and confirm you really are being harassed, targeted and stalked. Without evidence it becomes he said she said situation with no way to resolve the situation. Both the abuser and the victim claim to be the victim. 

    Send the emails to the following three email addresses. DO NOT EXPECT a personal rely from either Yahoo or. Verizon. You should get automated replies with slightly different numbers to confirm the emails were received.

    I once sent over 350 emails to both Yahoo and win 8ahelpr t obsessed stalker before they did anything. His account, one of the older but not oldest accounts on YA is still active. He still pops up and accuses me of point gaming and defamed me. . 

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  • 2 months ago

    Just block them simple as that, why be a trouble maker!! Many people gets harassed on here, and they don't complain. It is called being an adult, and knowing how the world is......cruel! Plus if they aren't making threats, who cares. I remember you being rude to someone who asked about a face shield and mask wearing at the same time. So if you are rude like that to others, expect it. If I was that person, I would have been making rude comments back to you as well in your questions! As you don't seem like a very nice person yourself! I remember now the person user name was Aruba I think? I would have copied and pasted your comment about the mask onto one of your questions. You were so rude to him/her!

    Source(s): You can check my account, I am not that person. I was calling you out on how you talked to Aruba. So you are making a fool of yourself! Um no it says Merry Christmas? With a light house? Wasn't the other person just plain Aruba? When I created this account it said Aruba RN ONLY never plain Aruba! I am from Aruba and a nurse so that is why it said Aruba RN, but I thought switch it due to Christmas!! And anyhow who the heck are you, to assume and judge so quick!
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