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my ex best friend is trying to be friend with me again?


I am feeling quite lost with this situation so any help or advice is welcome.

About a year or two ago i was suppose to go to japan with my now ex best friend (lets name her Kate) and another friend we both know since a very long time (lets name her Marie).

On day out of the blue, Kate told us that she invited her current boyfriend, her brother (lets name him Steve) and Steve's girlfriend to travel with us to Japan. Also they had already bought their fly tickets and that they would stay with us for the entirety of our stay in Japan. The problem is that Steve is my ex and that Kate didn't tell us anything before inviting them.

When we confronted her she told us that she didn't do anything wrong, got mad and blame Marie and us for asking her that.

Me and Marie tried to arrange everything in a calm and peaceful way but Kate wouldn't listen to us. Kate keep canceling our meeting and one day out of the blue she told us that she didn't wanted to be friend with us anymore.

When i ask her in tears why, she told me that she wanted to stay friend with me but not with Marie. Marie was devastated and very hurt after hearing that.

Some day later, Kate texted me to explain her side but she keep putting the blame on everyone expect herself. I got mad and we ended the conversation on a bad note.

Today after two year she contacted me again to ask if we could be friend again.

I don't know what to do because i miss her but i feel like i am betraying Marie by being friend with Kate again.

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