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What to do about balding?

Im 19, and receding hairline. My dads side have hair, my moms side.. well my maternal Grandpa has been bald since 20 but his son aka my uncle has decent hair. What to do if I go bald? Look, the problem I hear balding men talk about is "oh my confidence, what will girls think, can i get laid" etc. But the thing with me is.. I really like hair. I shaved my head at 17, didnt bother me with confidence or girls.. but I couldnt wait for it to grow so that i can style it. I just LIKE having hair, growing it and styling it. Is hair transplant a good option? Or should I just get a toupe?

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    rogain i think help hair grow try that

  • kelvin
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    2 months ago

    your not balding and you need to stop worrying and stressing over nothing

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Go to your doctor, get him or her to prescribe you Propecia, and get on it right away. Propecia is a pill you take once a day that's scientifically proven to be over 80% effective at preventing hair loss in men resulting from male pattern baldness, but you have to start taking it while you still have hair. It doesn't cause hair that's already been lost to grow back because what it does is block DHC, a byproduct of testosterone production, from building up to such levels that your immune system starts attacking it and in the process kills off your hair follicles. If you see thinning, you have a very good chance of keeping yourself from going bald by taking Propecia, but you have to do it as soon as possible so as to prevent further hair loss because it won't cause what's gone to come back.

    The only two remedies that are scientifically proven to effectively treat hair loss in men resulting from male pattern baldness are Propecia and Rogaine. All of the others that claim they are scientifically proven to do so are not but are just snake oil sold by con artists. The reason I don't recommend Rogaine is you still have hair. Rogaine is somewhat effective at growing hair back, but the hair it causes to come back only stays back for as long as you use Rogaine. 

    You see, I started thinning and got on both Propecia and Rogaine. The Propecia stopped further thinning of my hair, but I waited a bit too long and wanted to grow some of what I'd lost back. Rogaine did do that, but it has to be put on twice a day and left on, and it leaves your hair oily. So unless you wear your hair very, very short, it can actually make you look like you have less hair because when your hair is oily, it sticks together and exposes more of your scalp. Plus, it just looked gross. I thought that by growing the hair back thicker with Rogaine that the Propecia would help keep it even after I got off it, but it didn't. So then I got back on it and it got thicker again, but also greasy again. Ultimately, since I didn't want to wear my hair military short, I had to decide between whether I wanted to deal with the constant greasiness, expense, and hassle of Rogaine or just not have as thick of hair. I ultimately picked the latter because you can't really tell I'm thinning on top unless I get under a very bright light or directly under the sun, and even then, for most people to tell, because I'm 5' 11", I have to be sitting down so that they can see the top of my head and see my scalp unusually well through my hair in that direct light or they have to be very tall, like my friend Dave who's 6' 8" or my friend Josh, who's 6' 5".  

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    2 months ago

    Just wear a wig. It’s cheaper and you can have different styles every day. 

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  • 2 months ago

    A hair transplant doesn't work for long, maybe up to 10 years but it will fall out again.

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