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Question for teachers?

Aren't teachers supposed to help us graduate?? Tell me why when today I woke up at 9 am to prepare and start my math unit test, when I handed it in at 1 pm, the teacher said that anybody handing it in after the deadline (which was only 1 hour) would get a zero. I did not wake up extra early, have major anxiety while writing it just to end up getting a zero because I'm a slow worker. It literally takes you like 10 mins to mark it and your dead *** getting paid for it too so why are yall being so crampy to students that just wanna graduate?? You literally adding to their stress, Nah actually you're the reason they have so much stress and anxiety. Especially during COVID-19, it's even harder now to do school since we are all going twice as fast than we normally would and barely have any time to catch our breath. I have school from 9-11 am then online from 1-2:40 and after that 3 hours doing the homework, not to mention that

I also have a job that I need to get to.

 My teen years are not going to be wasted just so I can do some courses which I had no interest in taking but am rather forced to take. Like just piss off yall the worst people out there on god. 

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  • fcas80
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    2 months ago

    How do you think your employer would react if you showed up an hour late for work?

    How would you react if you were the boss and your employee showed up an hour late for work?

    You are training as a student for the real world.

  • 2 months ago

    You knew when the deadline was.

    You knew you were a slow worker.

    Yet you CHOSE not to get up in time.


  • garry
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    2 months ago

    asking is he test is for 1 hour and not 4 hours , seems you failed dumy , its a test , they dont get paid to help , they get paid to teach you , rest is upto you , idiot .

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your English is positively atrocious and your attitude is even worse. If by some miracle you manage to graduate, you'll likely get a job. Take a wild guess what sort of consequences you'll be facing for failing to make deadlines. The fact that you're incapable of performing at the level set for you is not a reflection on your teacher - it's a reflection on YOU. It's a crime that people of your generation have been conditioned to believe that stress and anxiety are dirty words. They're not. They're part of life. And dealing with them is part of the maturing process. You communicate like a child, behave like a child, and think like a child. The world won't adapt itself for you. You've got to adapt to the world. Grow up and start taking some responsibility for your actions. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No, our job is to give you all the information for you to pass the required exams

    No One has Forced you to go to University

    I used to teach people from NZ Malaysia Singapore and Australia

    12 students The 2 Singapore and the 2 NZ  would get about 100% average the 4 Australians would get about 90% average and the Malaysians would get 75% average

    so who is to blame for the Malaysians getting The Lowest marks the NZ prove it was Not My Fault

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Unfortunately there are lazy teachers try to find someone who will help you 

  • 2 months ago

    You need to learn the hard truth that you are no longer a kid and that you don't need your hand held anymore. You are pushing this all off on everyone, but in reality, YOU need to take responsibility. If you are not doing well, or progressing the way you should be, ask for help. Teachers cannot read your minds, they can't sit with you and hold your hand while you are doing classwork and homework~ you aren't the only person they have to deal with in the run of a day. Adulting sucks, and you had better start learning how to deal with it. You think you are stressed now? Try being the adult who has to work to keep all the bills paid. You think your boss is going to put up with your reasons why you are an hour late for work? No, he's just going to tell you to clean out your desk and have a nice life while he is on the phone hiring the next buddy to take your place. Why should school show you anything different? Welcome to the real world. 

  • 2 months ago

    not waking and being ready is your fault.  you KNEW what the start time was.

  • Liz
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    2 months ago

    Yes teachers are supposed to help you graduate, but they are also to teach you responsibility, punctually, how to meet deadlines, time management among others. 

    You had one hour to do the test and you took much longer. How is that fair to the students who only used the hour. I most definitely can do better on a test with more time. 

    You didn’t follow the rules; you have to accept the consequences. Ask your teacher for tips to improve your test taking. Ask for an alternative assignment or test. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    So, from your use of American English rather than British English, it's clear you're American, but you would have us believe there's a school open somewhere in America on the day after Thanksgiving? Right, not buying it. All schools, colleges, and universities are closed for the holiday, those few that weren't already closed because of COVID-19, that is. 

    Class, your lesson for today is: next time, troll better. 

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